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For Meta Trader 4
Profitability +30% /month**

The panel will show you the positions of most traders in the Forex market. You will receive information for entering the market based on the COT (Commitments of Traders) report provided by the CFTC (US. Commodity Futures Trading Commission). The panel will display volumes, percentage display of open positions, as well as prices of the largest accumulation of open buy and sell positions. When the panel determines the point of entry into the market, using an alert, it will provide you with information on each instrument separately in a pop-up window.



For Meta Trader 4 / Meta Trader 5
Profitability +10% /month**

Wotan is a highly profitable and risk-free trading advisor. 100% trade automation. A feature of the latest generation adviser is the introduction of the target profit module and the loss hedging module, which have shown high efficiency and exclude erroneous entries against the trend. Wotan enters the market using candlestick analysis, candlestick patterns embedded in the algorithm.



For Meta Trader 5
Profitability +140% /month**

100% Automated trading on macroeconomic news (data). Time Zone Orientation Module. Transaction management in 2 trailing stop options, built-in hedging module for transactions and much more.



For Meta Trader 4 / Meta Trader 5
Profitability +20% /month**

100% automated trading system. A non-indicator day trading using a unique mathematical model for calculating the movement of quotes, which starts to operate when the Tokyo Stock Exchange opens. The target daily profit is 0.7%.



For Meta Trader 4 / Meta Trader 5
Profitability +30% /month**

Fully self-learning trading system with a high level of intelligence. 100% trade automation. The strategy for calculating the direction for entering the market - the calculation according to the "Gann Theory". Uses a hedging strategy for open positions.

Human is impulsive. The robot is impartial. A human is limited to minutes and hours. The robot calculates in milliseconds. A human has a bad mood and bad days, a robot never has such.

That is why we have created unique trading robots that are in many ways ahead of the human at each stage of trading and make it as efficient as possible.

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About us


“Expert - Advisor” is a modern approach to trading, providing for minimal human participation and maximum predicted profit using automated trading systems.


"Expert - Advisor" company was created thanks to the efforts of a group of traders. Before the launch of the general project, each team member worked in large projects involved in software development and trading in financial markets.


For several years, we have managed to gather a core of like-minded people interested in developing a common business. The founders included traders who have achieved significant positive results for ten years or more.



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